Write brief description for each program Toddler Program/ Preschool Program

Learning takes place as children touch, manipulate, and experiment with things and interact with people.

At Sanabil Early learning, we have chosen to use the Montessori Philosophy Approach in addition to the creative curriculum, to provide the best of both approaches of learning. Our Montessori approach helps our toddlers and preschoolers build independence and confidence while fostering their natural curiosity.

The children’ activities are developmentally and age appropriate. They are designed to promote language/listening skills, gross and fine motor development, and opportunities for imaginative play. The wide variety of developmentally appropriate materials and activities support a strong foundation for learning.

We aim to provide opportunities for an active involvement of children and their parents in a continual process of education based on the knowledge of early childhood development best practices in an Islamic environment.

The program is designed to help the children direct their energies in learning about and being aware of their environment, to provide the children many opportunities to interact in the community as a self-confident American Muslim citizen in a positive and constructive way. The program is also framed to help the children develop feelings of self-worth and pride about themselves, their families, and their religion.

Our classrooms are designed to create a literacy rich environment, where language is integral part of the program. Language is supported by encouraging self-initiated activities and informal spontaneous conversations, giving children something real to think and talk about, using open-ended questions to generate language, and in general using language in ways rather than limiting it to directions, commands, and requests. For English language learners, our bi-lingual teachers (English, Arabic & Urdu) make special efforts to differentiate instruction and make learning easier using gestures and body language to help children understand, speak clearly and simply, respect the child’s language, and help the child to preserve his/her own language and culture.

The Sanabil  curriculum is based on the assumption that the development of a positive self-image and of academic and social skills are essential for a child to live an effective, creative, and contributing life. We base our curriculum on the need to explore, experiment, make choices, problem solve and to think independently.

Basic concepts of good nutrition practices are interwoven into the children’s daily routine.  Throughout the year, the children participate in food preparation activities that include good nutritional information as well as other educational concepts.

Islamic teachings are taught both as separate subjects and are also integrated with the regular curriculum. The curriculum aims to provide our children with a positive, nurturing, loving, and challenging atmosphere where children are encouraged to play, explore, create, and learn at the same time, according to the teachings of Islam, and in line with their own individual abilities, and strengths.

The ultimate goal of early childhood education is to set children on a course to lifelong success as learners and citizens. The Creative Curriculum for Preschool features exploration and discovery as a way of learning, enabling children to develop confidence, creativity, and critical thinking skills. 

The Creative Curriculum for toddlers and preschool is a comprehensive collection of knowledge-building resources and daily practice resources that explains the “what”, “why”, and “how” of teaching. The curriculum is based on five fundamental principles; positive interactions and relationships with adults provide a critical foundation for successful learning, social-emotional competence is a significant factor in school success, constructive, purposeful play supports essential learning, the physical environment affects the type and quality of learning interactions, and teacher-family partnerships promote development and learning.

The Creative Curriculum for toddlers and preschool is award-winning research driven curriculum based on thirty eight objectives for development and learning that utilize exploration and discovery to guide learning and enable children to develop confidence, creativity, and critical thinking skills. These objectives are, and integrated into each and every one of the comprehensive collection of resources that makes up the curriculum.

The Creative Curriculum for toddlers and preschool combines the Foundation (i.e., five comprehensive knowledge-building volumes) with the Daily Resources, which offer detailed guidance for every day of the school-year to help teachers individualize instruction to meet the needs of divergent learners. The Curriculum also addresses all the important areas of learning, from social-emotional and math to technology and the arts and incorporates them throughout every part of every day. Furthermore, provides daily, built-in opportunities for observation, offers daily opportunities to focus on English language development, and offers practical solutions for effective teaching and successful learning to help children succeed, both in school and in life.

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