About Us


In The Quran Sanabil means CROPS, inspired by the activities of planting, production, and harvesting. Sanabil School was established in September 2021 with a long-term goal to help raise  leaders who will bring success and flourishing to every aspect and field in life. Sanabil school recognizes the importance of raising and empowering our children through providing them with the best academic education as well as upholding the highest moral standards as outlined by the Islamic values. It is our goal to promote the overall academic and moral growth of our students, producing individuals that will one day serve society in all human dimensions.

Sanabil Currently provides care to children from 18 month- 6 years old. In the beginning of 2023, Sanabil decided to expand its programs and open a second campus to serve children from KG to 5th Grades. The second location is 5 mins away from the existing school.

Sanabil School strives to promote the highest level of education in a safe and family-oriented learning environment. At Sanabil, students are encouraged to become innovative thinkers and leaders where they are treated equally with love, kindness and most importantly respect. We developed a safe Islamic environment for children to thrive and grow into well-rounded, responsible citizen. All Sanabil educators aim to support independent, caring, and respectful children to become successful leaders in life.


At Sanabil, students are encouraged to become innovative thinkers and leaders where they are treated equally with love, kindness, and most importantly respect. We develop a safe Islamic environment for children to thrive and grow into well-rounded, responsible American Muslim citizens.

Sanabil School passionately believes in the importance of collaboration between administrators, educators, parents, and students. At Sanabil, we are also committed to school-parent partnership to provide our students with the most positive learning environment.


To Facilitate The Intellectual, Psychological, Physical, and Spiritual Development of All Its Students Within a Supportive, Nurturing Environment.”


At Sanabil we believe that it is of paramount importance to teach children at a young age that they can instill these core values in not only themselves, but also in others by exemplifying values in everyday actions with one another. We strive to guide each of our students to become citizens of the world, citizens that will grow up and positively contribute to making the world a better place for themselves, their community, and for all future generations. 

Children learn to connect with the world through constant development in earlier years of their life. Our authentic education model allows students to become self-motivated and confident members of our community.


  1. Respect and Integrity
  2. Rights and Responsibilities
  3. Equality and Diversity
  4. Improvement and Innovation
  1. To nurture our children’s well-being and develop their inherent love of learning that lasts a lifetime.
  2. To cultivate the seeds of integrity, courage, and honesty that are present in every child to prepare our children to become successful leaders. 
  3. To establish the safest Islamic learning environment to our students to help them grow into becoming leaders.
  4. To inspire students to become well-rounded American Muslims and to reach their full potentials.
  5. To encourage students to become innovative thinkers & leaders.
  6. To encourage students to develop independence to take responsibility for their learning.
  7. To support students’ understanding of the world around them and to establish personal values infused with Islamic core values.
  8. To provide our students with the most updated curriculums.
  9. To collaborate together (Administrators, educators, parents, students, and the community) to produce a cohesive & productive environment for our students.
  • To hire the most qualified teachers, and to offer them the highest

Welcome to Sanabil School!

We are so delighted you chose to enroll your child at the Sanabil school. We pride ourselves in providing the safest and most stimulating learning environment to our preschool and elementary children, to help them thrive and grow into well-rounded, responsible American Muslim citizens.

Each student learns that we value human growth as well as academic achievement. We aim to set children on a course to lifelong success as learners and citizens. We are committed To create a foundation to ensure our students’ academic success and help them build the personal and social skills required to function well in a classroom community, and to establish positive relationships with peers and adults.

At Sanabil, we believe in working with families and communities to meet our children needs. We hope this handbook will acquaint you with our philosophy, goals, policies, and procedures. Our growing needs will necessitate changes or additions to be made to comply with state regulations. We will keep you informed of these changes.


We look forward to getting to know you and your child!

Employment Opportunity:

To join our Sanabil team of educators, please submit your resume to Sanabil at contact@sanabilschools.com