About Sanabil

  • Sanabil in Quran means CROPS, inspired by the activities of planting, production, and harvesting.
  • Our long-term goal for Sanabil early childhood education, is to bring up leaders who will bring success and flourishment to every aspect and field in life.

Our Mission

The mission of Sanabil is to facilitate the intellectual, psychological, physical, and spiritual development of all its students within a supportive, nurturing environment.

Sanabil’s Goals

  • To nurture our children’s well-being and develop their inherent love of learning that lasts a lifetime.
  • To cultivate the seeds of integrity, courage, and honesty that present in every child to prepare our children to become successful leaders. 
  • To provide reliable and quality childcare services that meet the needs of the children, families, and community we serve.

Core Values:

Sanabil’s Core Values

  1. Respect and Integrity
  2. Rights and Responsibilities
  3. Equality and Diversity
  4. Improvement and Innovation


At Sanabil we believe that it is of paramount importance to teach children at a young age that they can instill these core values in not only themselves, but also in others by exemplifying values in everyday actions with one another. We strive to guide each of our students to become citizens of the world, citizens that will grow up and positively contribute to making the world a better place for themselves, their community, and for all future generations. 

Children learn to connect with the world through constant development in earlier years of their life. Our authentic education model allows students to become self-motivated and confident members of our community.